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Printer Toner Ann Arbor

Treating every customer order as a priority - our culture of kindness combined with our "no questions asked" return policy - separates us from other toner providers.

MCS specializes in same day delivery of most name brand (OEM) and MCS brand compatible toner cartridges.  Our prices compete with the best on-line suppliers as well as the big-box office superstores.  As a Hewlett Packard Authorized Service Provider we repair HP printers as well as most other manufacturers' models. When you use our compatible toners, our labor charges are included if a printer or toner fails.


Common OEM/HP and MCS Compatible Toner Prices

Color LaserJet Printer Model HP MCS
Q5950 black 4700 series $178 $140
Q5951,2,3colors 4700 series $251 $150
CE260Xblack CM4540,CP4020,CP4025dn,4520,CP4525n $227 $165
CE261,2,3colors CM4540,CP4020,CP4025dn,4520,CP4525n $260 $149
CE410Ablack M375NW,M451DN,M475DN, Reg. Yield $86 $70
CE410Xblack M375NW,M451DN,M475DN, High Yield $105 $81
CE411,2,3colors M375NW,M451DN,M475DN $122 $81
CB380Ablack CP6015 Series $210 $140
CB381,2,3colors CP6015 Series $335 $175
C9730Ablack 5500 Series, 5550 Series $240 $160
C9731,2,3colors 5500 Series, 5550 Series $341 $200
C9720Ablack 4600 Series, 4650 Series $176 $100
C9721,2,3colors 4600 Series, 4650 Series $240 $100
CC530Ablack CM2320, CP2025 $112 $82
CC531,2,3colors CM2320, CP2025 $110 $95
Black LaserJet Printer Model HP MCS
CE285A M1130 Series, M1210 Series, P100 Series $67 $60
CC364A P4014n, P4015, P4515 $155 $120
CC364X P4015, P4515 $277 $135
CE505A P2030, P2035, P2050, P2055 $85 $75
Q5942X 4250, 4350 $224 $99
Q2612A 1010,1012,1015,1020,1022,3015,3050,3055 $74 $48
Q5949X 1320, 1320n, 1320nw, 1320tn, 3390 $150 $70
CE278A P1566, P1606, P1606DN, M1536DNF $75 $55
CB435A P1005, P1006 $62 $48
CB436A P1505, P1505n, M1522 MFP $75 $58
CE255A P3010, P3015, P3016 $135 $102
C4127X 4000, 4050 $225 $70
C4182X 8100, 8150 $215 $90

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I have worked with Chris and Michigan Computer Supplies for about 15 years overall, 2 with Energy Products my current company. Chris really takes care of his customers. We purchase toner and labels for 5 printers and at times we go through up to 30 cartridges per month. MCS will keep some of the products we use on their shelf. This is helpful when we really need something quickly they will run it over. We use both compatible refurbished toners and OEM cartridges. The few times our printer had trouble reading the chip with a re-furbished cartridge, Chris immediately replaced it. Other big box companies wouldn't be as accommodating. Chris also drop ships items to our franchisee company, Battery Giant. MCS is really great!

Sean Doty, Energy Products