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Jessica Dulin

Jessica Dulin, President

Jessica has been with Michigan Computer Supplies since 1999. She is an expert with fulfilling customer needs and is the decision maker at MCS. In addition to interacting directly with customers, she is responsible for all accounting and internal operations. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Management.  Her career goal is to make MCS Michigan's largest female owned computer supply company.


Chris Brooks

Chris Brooks, CRM Manager

Chris started selling computer supplies B2B in 1988. He is responsible for promoting the MCS "Culture of Kindness" with Customers, Co-workers, Vendors, Family and the Community. He preaches "Do Your Best" and "Excellence". Call him anytime with a project or concern and it will be given immediate attention. He graduated from Georgia Tech so long ago, he can't remember when.


Kyle Miller

Kyle Miller, Operations Manager

Since 2008, Kyle has been the very fiber of Michigan Computer Supplies.  During that time he has become a Hewlett Packard Authorized Service Technician, he has become responsible for all product distribution throughout the US, and he manages our Contract  Customer Warehousing and Distribution Service Division.  Kyle's contributions to our operating efficiency with an incredible attitude are invaluable to MCS.


Drew Bedsole

Drew Bedsole, Computer Services

Drew has been building computers since middle school. Having served as a Technical Consultant for OfficeMax, MCS hired him to build commercial grade desktop computers as well as assist our customers with specifying their products and service requirements. Drew is also our Network and Website Administrator. Call him anytime for any special need or recommendation of the 300,000 products on the web catalog.


Len Bono

Len Bono, Sales Manager

Len is MCS's newest addition to the team. His career as a Data Collection and Bar Code project manager has spanned 3 decades.He is an expert in communications and solutions with our customers and prospects in our Bar Code division.


Frank Gaddy III, Customer Relationship Team

Frank's commitment to helping people is unparalleled. He is an expert in communicating positive energy with everyone he meets whether in person, on the phone or through e-mail. Honesty and integrity and a dedication to making the world a better place is a huge asset for MCS and our customers.


Nichole Fisher, Customer Relationship Team

While Nichole is on maternity leave she remains available to MCS on an "as needed" basis. Her contributions to customer satisfaction and managing our Social Media component is invaluable to us.

Michigan Computer Supplies

“Our customers have been extremely loyal to us through the years and we are extremely loyal to them. All of our employees contribute to this by doing their best with incredibly positive attitudes. Life is so precious. Thankfully, our business is not a life threatening one; however, we treat every customer's needs as if it were. We are grateful to have rewarding jobs and customers who are a pleasure to work with.”

Chris Brooks, President

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