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Managed Print Services Ann Arbor

Today, copier companies and laser printer suppliers are all competing for the same business. Copy Centers within the office are taking the place of desktop printing at individual work stations and a single machine can now produce color, monochrome, faxes, and scans. Most can store data and forms to cut back on paper costs.

In our experience with small to medium sized businesses, Hewlett Packard laser and inkjet printers have dominated the workplace with great devices for the past 20+ years. Now, we see fewer laser printers and more All-In-One devices also know as Multifunction Machines.

Copier and all-in-one machines can be more expensive to acquire, but they come with two huge advantages:

  1. They can replace multiple devices within your office, providing  overall efficiency and cost reduction.
  2. Total operating cost is reduced through our all inclusive service agreement which includes all ongoing supplies and maintenance – the only thing you provide is the paper!!

Finally, we now offer a lease program which alleviates the large up front capital requirement - and best of all – provides protection against technology obsolescence – you will not get caught with an out of date and hard to service machine again!

Michigan Computer Supplies is not brand loyal. We offer a variety of makes and models, both new and refurbished. Unlike most copier suppliers who lock you in with an undecipherable contract with an automatic binding renewal, we keep it simple and make sure you know what you are paying for.

We lease or sell new and refurbished machines. We charge a "Per Click" for supplies and service.

Another feature we provide is a data collection unit, which simply means we both can monitor usage, service and supply needs, paper and about any data you'd like to have. The industry term is Managed Print Services and we offer a variety of these programs.

Share with us when your copier contract expires so, what you like and dislike about the device and its reliability. We will, in turn, do our very best to offer a print device that best suits you.

My color laser printer wasn't working so I contacted Michigan computer supplies to work on it and Kyle came out 2x to try and fix it. Unfortunately, HP doesn't make the parts I needed so I bought a new one. Kyle came out and set up the new one and delivered new toner for me. The honesty of this company is refreshing. They aren't trying to scam you out of money or sell you things you don't need. This company has integrity and cares about their customers.

Liz Audette